Welcome to MarkThorpe.com (Thorpes.com).

Domain name investor and CIRA member Mark John Thorpe.
Owner of NameSelling.com and other valuable .Com domain names.

I am 45 years old and live in New Brunswick, Canada.
Proud Canadian and people that know me, would say that i am a nice guy, good father,
respectful and expect the same in return.

My interests include spending time with family, friends and my dog.
Other interests include domain names, stocks, crypto-currency, movies, muscle cars,
trucks and sports.

I dedicate all that I do to my late father, John Thorpe. I am living my dreams and
his as well. Also to my mother, who went though a lot in her life and deserved a better fate.

My father taught me the most Important lesson in life:
"The World does not meet you halfway and that anything is possible."

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